Template FAQ

Regarding the Template PSD Files we sell, Please read our frequently asked questions below:

Q. I found a website with much cheaper template downloads than yours, why are yours more expensive?

A. There are a few sites that sell templates. They are garbage and they are useless, trust us, we used them. The templates they sell are low resolution with no work put into any color gradient, microprint, etc. If you ever buy a cheap template and print them you will immediately understand. We could offer the same thing but there is no point, you’re reading this because you want a good quality template to use. We sell all the work we’ve put into our own template development.

Q. Why are some templates more expensive than others?

A. Some templates take a lot longer to make, microprint and other features can be very time intensive and take up to 100 hours of labor to complete. Details need to be created by a real artist with the expertise which can be a huge cost. Also some states might have released a newer version just recently, in this case older versions are discounted.

Q. You have the old version of XYZ state for sale, do you have the new version?

A. We sell the most recent version we have for all states. If it is not listed then we do not have it for sale.

Q. Do you have the U21 Version for XYZ state?

A. If it’s not listed we do not have it.

Q. How can I tell what version it is and what date they are valid until?

A. Please google this information to find out the specifics on each state. For the states that we have the older version for, these are still valid for a number of years when the issue date is backdated to before the the template was updated by the DMV. For example, if a state updates their template design in 2020, then an issue date in 2019 will keep the template current and valid until it expires in 2024 (or length of term for that state).

Q. Why don’t you have printed photos of every state?

A. We have printed photos of each state we ourselves produce. The reality is that legitimate vendors do not make every state. Every state is different, requires different materials, different supplies, and has different production methods. So it quickly becomes very time consuming and not feasible make them all.

Q. Do you sell the school templates you have?

A. Though we don’t have that option on our site, if you’d like a school template please contact us through our contact form, let us know which one and we’ll send payment instructions. The cost for any of the school templates is $99.

Q. Can you make me a custom template?

A. Yes, we can create a brand new custom template for you. This will require high resolution scans of the front and back and it will cost approx $999 and about one week work time to create from scratch (final price quote will depend on production team review of the scans to approximate time involved). If you are interested please reach out via our contact page.

Q. When I print the template the colors look slightly different than the print file or example pics.

A. Every printer will have a different “color profile” or “color palate” in the printer settings. Sometimes it requires trial and error to find the best one to use for the best results. This will vary from printer to printer and color matching is a normal aspect to printing templates.

Q. Will you teach me how to make IDs, holograms, etc etc etc?

A. No. We do not offer any coaching or instruction. Anyone purchasing templates should have basic knowledge of equipment and photoshop. The internet is loaded with more information on these subjects.

Q. Do you sell materials, teslin, holograms, etc?

A. No. We do not sell materials, however they are easy to source online.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

A. Please see our payment FAQ page

Q. I’ve submitted payment, where is my template?

A. When you buy a template we upload the files manually and send them to you.  This creates a new download link that is only for your purchase.  All templates download links are sent to the buyer within 24 hours of purchase.

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