Scannable Barcodes

UPDATED FEB 28 2022 – Barcode Generator For Sale!

We know there is a lot of talk about the BCS app update that just occurred.  We update our software more often than they do and while there are lots of vendors who don’t understand barcodes, we do, see our updated barcodes below for yourself.

“Do Your Barcodes Scan?”

This might be the question we’re asked the most often.  And the answer is YES!  We’ll tell you a little bit about how scanning software works.  The long and short of it is that the information on the front of your ID is encoded onto the barcode on the back of your ID.  Many states configure their barcodes just a bit differently.  Our software has been built to analyze real barcodes from every state we sell.  Then, we program our software to reproduce EXACT replica barcodes.

There are lots of free barcode scanner apps available to download.  You can download BCS Scanner App, PDF417 Scanner, etc etc.  We created this page with some examples so you can try scanning the barcodes for yourself!

**FOR SALE: Interested in buying our brand new, high powered barcode generator? 

Contact us through our contact page and we can discuss pricing!






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