How To Take a Good ID Photo

READ ME: Instructions

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       The below instructions will give you a perfect photo, however if it’s easier for you, then simply visit any drugstore that takes passport photos and get one taken there, ask for the digital copy and send that to us.

  • Stand in front of a white or light colored wall
  • Turn on ALL the lights on in the room
  • No Selfies
  • Have the camera close, no more than 4ft away from you
  • Mid chest and up (DO NOT send full length photos, get that camera nice and close to you!)
  • make sure your hair isn’t chopped off in the top of the photo
  • YES! A camera on your phone is just fine, please make sure the photo is not resized too small.  Perfect file size is ‘large’ or around 500kb-1.5mb
  • Signature: Sign a sheet of paper normally (approx 2 inches across) and take a photo of it. (we edit, size and position).  Use a fine tipped pen, no sharpie, no pencil.

This will eliminate 99% of the bad photos we receive. For a more detailed instruction see the infographic below (example at bottom of page):

Below is an example of a GOOD Photo

Please notice:

-no hair on face

-looking directly at the camera

-white or light colored background

-high resolution

-no shadows on face