Scam Sites!

Please note, there are a lot of scam sites out there.  These sites are operated by a group out of Hong Kong and you will lose your money and never see or hear from them again.  That list is below.

This group includes (same creators of /  Those are the most well known scam sites.  They also create review websites which talk poorly about legitimate vendors and have fake reviews for ONLY their sites.

(please note there are also scam review sites, such as – these sites promote fake sites and have bad fake reviews for real sellers – always make sure a reviewer has real photos of the product they are reviewing)

List of Known Scam Sites Operated By The Chinese (Updated Apr 2019)

Scam ID Review Site (Reverse DNS shows same hosting and ownership as idhurry)

Unfortunate Victims of Those Scam Sites

When you read sites like this, ask yourself, does this sound like an American or does it sound totally ESL?  If idhurry was a real vendor, why wouldn’t there be any real reviews, or photos in the reviews?  Anyways word of mouth has always been our best promotional tool, so if in doubt go with a vendor you KNOW has delivered to someone you know before.

There used to be a community on Reddit (/r/fakeid) before it was shut down, which was there to protect consumers from scammers.  Sadly that subreddit was shut down.  Please listen to only the reviews on the two legitimate sites below.  These sites have a VVL “Verified Vendors List” which are regulated by site moderators.  Vendors on these sites have proven themselves as vendors who can handle orders.

FakeIDVendors – Community Driven Site #1 Operated by old Reddit Moderators

FakeIDList – Community Driven Site #2 Operated by old Reddit Moderators

Please do not fall victim to the Chinese scammers.  Stick to the verified vendors list.  We, as well as other verified vendors post routinely on the moderated sites with new proof pictures updated often.

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